AI Medical Billing for Dentists

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AI Medical Billing for Dentists

Dentite is a B2B company delivering +12% new revenue for dental providers without any additional effort or upfront costs, by leveraging AI to automate the delivery of medical insurance revenue for common dental procedures.

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Dentite unlocks up to +12% of annual practice revenue.

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The Cleveland Clinic shows a critical link between oral and overall health.

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Minimal changes to your front-office, back-office, and patient experience.

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Onboarding your practice in 45-90 days

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Medical insurer/payer credentialing process, facilitated and paid for by Dentite.

Medical Insurance Cards

Start collecting patient medical insurance cards alongside existing dental insurance cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct and transparent answers to your questions.

1. What is "medical billing for dental"?

  • Medical billing for dental, is billing private medical health insurance for medically necessary and/or preventive procedures, as an additive source to what dentists do today: private dental insurance, private pay, etc. In short, medical for dental billing does not cover what is exclusively dental (i.e. hygiene cleanings, fillings, root canals), but can cover what is also medical (i.e. exams, imaging, devices, surgeries).
  • Medical insurance reimbursements typically pay much higher rates than dental insurance. You can usually “…bill to both dental and medical insurance, and be reimbursed by both—up to the full fee that was charged"
  • Medical billing for dental typically has two different levels:
    1. Common procedures (i.e. oral exams, x-rays/imaging, night guards, sleep apnea) done by most dentists
    2. Uncommon and usually complex procedures, typically surgical in nature (i.e. implants, reconstruction, removals), done by specialists. Medical insurance reimbursements typically pay much higher rates than dental insurance.
  • Medical billing for dental claims are typically treated as out-of-network and influenced by the principles behind preventive services coverage.

2. How will the dental practice benefit from Dentite's services?

Dentite unlocks up to +12% incremental annual revenue for general dentistry practices performing common and frequent dental procedures (i.e. exams and x-rays).

3. Is medical billing for dental, legal and appropriate?

  • Yes. Medical billing services have been billing dental procedures to medical insurance payers for decades, focusing on specialists like surgeons, where procedures are low frequency, but have high average reimbursement fees. Dentite leverages AI to automate away the complexities of billing medical insurance for dental procedures, expanding and scaling the already accepted medical billing for dental practices to high frequency, low fee reimbursement procedures.
  • Medical billing for dental it not new, and has appeared in the New York Times more than a decade ago, is regularly recommended by one of the oldest dentistry practice management journals ( Dental Economics), and is covered at national dental conferences.
  • Dentite follows the standard industry regulations and best practices that providers, insurers, and billing companies do, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA).

4. How much experience do you have in dentistry and medical billing?

Dr. Petar Tofovic, our CEO cofounder, is a practicing dentist and owner of White Dental Studio, who experimented and succeeded in medical billing for nearly a decade, consistently achieving +10-13% increase in annual practice revenue. Since 2017, he’s been a national trainer on medical billing for dentists, giving him a ground-level perspective on the market and provider perspectives.

5. What is the cost for Dentite's services?

Dentite’s business model is a no risk, win-win proposition. We only get paid if you get paid.

  • Providers collect 85% of paid medical insurance revenue.
  • Dentite collects 15% of paid medical insurance revenue.
  • No cost to providers for submitted but unpaid claims.
  • No sign-up, annual, or subscription fees.

6. What is the impact to normal workings of a dental practice and patient experience?

There is minimal disruption to the dental practice or patient.


  • One time payer credentialing process, facilitated entirely by Dentite.
  • Operationalize collection of medical, in addition to existing dental, insurance cards.
  • Manage the conversations (answer questions) with patients.


  • Provide medical insurance card, in addition to dental.

7. How difficult is the onboarding process and how much does it cost?

Dentite handles all the setup, onboarding, and credentialing, which is a process by which providers are validated and certified with insurance companies. Dentite also hosts providers in a training session, advising on maximizing the collection of patients medical insurance information and fee optimization. There's no additional cost for the onboarding process.

8. Does Dentite work with DSOs, DPOs, and small groups as well as single-location dental practices?

Dentite works and delivers value to dental practices with a single-location, as well as DSOs/DPOs with hundreds of locations.


Our veteran cofounding team includes 85 years of combined experience in healthcare, financial services, and technology.

Dr. Petar Tofovic

CEO cofounder, Chicago, IL

Dentist and practice owner with almost a decade of medical billing expertise.

Mr. D (secret)

COO cofounder, Chicago, IL

Payments and Operations leader, serial entrepreneur.

Mrs. X (secret)

CRO cofounder, Chicago,IL

Healthcare and Medical Insurance Leader, MPH, RHIA.

Mr. J (secret)

CTO cofounder, Buffalo, NY

Tech Exec and AI specialist across startups, consulting, and corporate financial services.

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Our Customers

Dentite's customers span 5 states, from small offices to large Dental Service Organizations (DSO) and Dental Partnership Organizations (DPO).

Dr. Michael Paesani

Nova Dental Studio

Dentite makes implementing medical billing for general dentist's a breeze. It's an easy initial set up and then they do all the heavy lifting. The only thing we have to do is collect patients medical insurance cards and enter the checks and payments, Dentite does the rest. It's been a huge benefit for our office and for our patients.

Jenelle Kranz

Practice Manager, Impressive Smiles

We had been doing medical billing at our office for several years through other medical billing companies, put in enormous time and effort to make it work but eventually gave up because we weren't seeing results. Then we heard about Dentite, thought we would give them a try and couldn't be happier. In just a few months, they have achieved better results billing medical than we had in all our previous years.


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